I’m a second year graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. My advisor is Emily Riehl.

I’m generally interested in what it means to be a thing, but particularly interested in (higher) category theory.


D. Spivak, ___, B. Fong, Behavioral Mereology, arXiv:1811.00420, 2018

___ , String Diagrams for Double Categories and Proarrow Equipments, arXiv:1612.02762, 2016



Nothing yet.


P. Thibodeau, ___ , S. Flusberg, Similarity-Based Reasoning is Shaped by Recent Learning Experience, in Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society. 2016

Talks and Slides

String Diagrams for (Virtual) Proarrow Equipments, at CT 2017, 2017 [slides] [abstract]

Weighted (Co)Limits, at CT 2017 with the Kan Extension Seminar, 2017 [slides]

String Diagrams, Categories, and Enrichment, for Honors thesis requirement at Oberlin, 2016 [slides]

Thinking Recursively, Rethinking Corecursively, for Oberlin Philosophy department, 2015 [slides] [abstract]

Blog Posts

A Graphical Calculus for Proarrow Equipments, on the n-Category Café

Gluing Together Finite Shapes with Kelly, on the n-Category Café, written for the Kan Extension Seminar

Enrichment and its Limits, on the n-Category Café, written for the Kan Extension Seminar


2017 - now: Johns Hopkins University

Spring 2015: Central European University

Fall 2015: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

2012 - 2017: Oberlin College